Welcome to Cat Amongst The Pigeons, a wine range that exists to do things differently. Award-winning wines celebrating and reimagining the hallowed terroir of the Barossa, Australia’s premier wine region and and more broadly, various South Australian wine regions. Wines on a path to excellence, walking a few steps ahead of its peers and unafraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way. Join Cat Amongst The Pigeons on its chase to showcase wines of superior quality and unique expression. Be transported on a journey of experience where subtle distinction and outstanding character are mandatory destinations, because taking the road less travelled is where the magic happens.

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Our award-winning wines first began their journey in the world-famous unique terroir and diverse climate of South Australia’s Barossa. Crafted by our winemaker Richard Quodling, they express the unparalleled character of the region through his intuitive style. While our roots remain firmly planted in the Barossa, we have expanded our exploration to other regions of South Australia, such as Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills.

Our three ranges cater to a variety of tastes and palates. From the approachable charm of Cat Amongst The Pigeons to the superior Barossa quality and terroir distinction of Fat Cat, and the stunning intensity of our Fortifieds, each wine aims to deliver the big and bold flavors quintessentially associated with the Barossa, while also showcasing the unique characteristics of other South Australian regions we now explore.

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