We were created to do things differently…

Our Story

“Cat Amongst The Pigeons was created by doing things differently.”

The cat’s out of the bag. Expect to be enlightened because this range of wine is the vision of those who think differently. Our story is one of three entrepreneurs who embarked on a serious mission to create a wine that embodied individualism and authenticity. The cat symbolises elegance, mystery, intuition and balance, and we think that sums up our wine beautifully. It’s a wine that speaks to game-changers, altering the perception of what premium wine represents. The local trio chose an unlikely patch of land the locals deemed unworthy and unexpectedly produced fruit of unparalleled beauty, intensity and complexity. Whether it’s the everyday appeal of Cat Amongst The Pigeons, the premium sophistication of Fat Cat or the allure of our Fortifieds, these modern Barossa wines deliver distinction and personality because when individuality shines, magic happens.


“Our Barossan story is a
recipe of vision, courage
and the unordinary.”

They say dogs prefer faces, but cats prefer places, and our cat settled on the unique terroir of the Barossa in South Australia. It is Australia’s most famous wine-growing region, the heartland of Australian fine wine production. It is responsible for creating Australia’s most outstanding wines and nurtures our most awarded winemakers. The region embraces both the Barossa and Eden Valley, and our wine champions the fruit of both. The concentration developed from deeply rooted low-yielding vines, amongst the oldest in the world, is unparalleled. Wine complexity speaks to diverse growing conditions and unique rich soils. The intensity of flavour speaks to old vines, dry farming, and cool climates. The Barossa produces a range of varieties from Shiraz to Riesling, Grenache to Cabernet Sauvignon, all of which we proudly showcase. This quintessentially Barossa character lays the foundation of quality for our wines enabling the courage to challenge established boundaries and deliver a range that expresses intrigue and mystery.


“… His philosophy focuses on
respect for process, attention
to detail and patience.”

Our winemaker, Richard Quodling grew up in the Barossa, raised amongst its prized vines and wineries. He is what we call a true Barossa native. He started his working life handpicking grapes in local vineyards before landing a prize role as a cellar hand at one of Barossa’s most exclusive labels. Today he is internationally recognised for crafting award-winning wines of outstanding subtlety and grace. Richard’s passion to produce inspirational wines is undeniable. His mantra is – get it right in the vineyard first, respect the fruit and the process, and the rest will follow. His wines represent the skilful art of shifting the essence of nature into the glass. Most of all, he is driven to create wines that bring joy and shared experiences with those who mean the most.

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